deSingel encourages teachers to take the initiative and to visit evening performances and concerts with students, who share this enthusiasm.

A programme of the performance can be downloaded from this site free of charge, three days before the performance. Later, you can listen to introductions on this site.

deSingel also is a partner in the preparation to your visit, helping you prepare your visit with reading material, preparations in the school, special introductions in deSingel.

The deSingel also produces posters to meet school needs.

Schoolaffiches Verzameld

We can work out a special program with you.

  • Youth tariff -19: all performances and concerts for €8
  • Total number of tickets to be picked up by responsible teacher one month in advance
  • Information and reservation:
    or +32 (0)3 244 19 42 (ma-vr 9-12 uur)