Zomeropera - Muziektheater Transparant 2009

Solitude - Theatermuziek van Henry Purcell

Zomeropera - Muziektheater Transparant 2009
Red Hall
In this annual summer opera workshop, a group of young singers and instrumentalists takes up the challenge of creating their own unique opera during a short, intense rehearsal period. This year centres on Purcell's theatre music. Several of his mini-operas feature characters who are isolated in a metaphorical place and confronted with their desires and fears. Is it ghosts and nymphs who are leading them astray or is it the phantoms in their own minds? Are they searching for recognition, being confronted with their own perversity or vanity? Or are they fleeing to a virtual world that interweaves with reality like a dream? The young cast works around these themes from a modern perspective. The makers, a new generation of singers and instrumentalists, examine Purcell's allegorical world. They not only present the end result in our Red Hall, but also in Utrecht and at the international Yo! Opera Festival. The project has had a fixed abode at deSingel for several years now and is part of the arts campus activities. Past editions elicited so much international response that auditions are now held in several European cities.
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Lotte Ik vind het fantastisch dat er zo'n projecten voor jongeren bestaan en ik ben er van overtuigd dat deze voorstelling indrukwekkend zal zijn!
6 years ago
Mezzo / 350 jaar Henry Purcell
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