Krzysztof Warlikowski . TR Warszawa
Red Hall
spoken language Polish / Surtitles Dutch/French
Would you like to discover a disconcerting work by an Israeli playwright who is not very well known here? Moreover, do you enjoy powerful theatrical acting? In that case, allow yourself to be swept along by 'Krum', staged by the Pole Krzysztof Warlikowski. This rising star in the international theatre firmament directs the eminent TR Warszawa company with a great deal of verve. The twelve actors are all top actors in today's Polish theatre. Observe the ease and dedication of their performance! The text cuts into you like a knife. Hanoch Levin, who died in 1999 at the age of fifty-six, was the figurehead of young socially critical theatre in the young state of Israel. He wrote 'Krum' in 1975, just after he had made a name for himself with a series of satirical and antimilitary cabaret plays. 'Krum' unrelentingly describes everyday life in the microcosm of a working-class area. It introduces you to the irreversible aspects of the human condition.
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Alina Targonska aangenaam en grappig theaterstuk
7 years ago
pierre van diest merkwaardig !
7 years ago
vandendriessche nele werkelijk verbluffend !
7 years ago
Press reviews
Oost-Europees theater: pendelen tussen heden en verleden
'Dans en theater in Oost-Europa, hoe divers ook, verkeert nog steeds in een oriëntatiefase.'
De Morgen 06/02/2008 - Wouter Hillaert

KVS bespeelt in het sobere 'Kroum' talloze registers
"We hebben verschillende dingen uitgeprobeerd, met muziek en zo, maar dat is er allemaal weer uitgegaan om te focussen op de tekst en het spel zelf. Zij vormen het decor."
De Morgen 29/04/2008 - Wouter Hillaert

KVS maakt recht wat 'Kroum' is
Uit het stuk spreekt bezadigde wanhoop.

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