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Do you like model trains and Swiss postcard landscapes? Stefan Kaegi builds you a model of this. One actress and four retired model-makers guide you through the wonderful world of 'Mnemopark'. This is a sort of fictional amusement park as well as a critical examination of Swiss society. You are shown the Alps in miniature. You can slalom between mountain lakes, picturesque chalets and washing flapping on the clothesline. 'Mnemopark' is a fantastic and frivolous journey of adventure, as well as the personal story of five people with their dreams and memories. How were things in the old days, when the air was pure and agriculture dominated the world? The young Swiss theatre-maker Stefan Kaegi always works with so-called 'expert actors'. Not professional actors but ordinary mortals like you and me who have become expert in a certain manner through their work or hobby. Kaegi places their story in a broader dramatic context. Be sure not to miss this train…
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Rimini Protokoll: Mnemopark
Trends 17/04/2008 - Piet Goethals

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