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"To Moscow, to Moscow!", Olga, Irina and Masja sighed more than a hundred years ago. Anton Chekhov's 'The Three Sisters' is a Russian classic of world literature. It tells the story of three daughters of an army officer who had left Moscow to become a garrison commander somewhere in a small provincial town. After their father's death, the three sisters clamour for their share of the grand and exiting life in the capital of their youth. But none of the three succeeds to actually follow her star. As a true theatre innovator, Anton Chekhov was not fully understood in Russia of 1900. 'Three Sisters' can be viewed in light of the emergent urban bourgeoisie, as a reflection of the political hopes of a new social class. For Ivo van Hove 'Three Sisters' is a social critique, as well as a love drama, but above all, a work that poses questions about the reality of life. To play Chekhov, you need an ensemble of actors interacting like in a symphony orchestra. There is no single central figure in the dramaturgy - there are no arias. Ivo van Hove, who produces Chekhov for the first time, will take on the challenge and pick up the conductor's baton for this well composed theatre symphony.
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Ivo van Hove krijgt Prijs van de Kritiek
De Standaard 02/10/2007

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