Thomas Gunzig, Manu Riche & Josse De Pauw . KVS & Théâtre National
Red Hall
Raymond is a biographical solo about a life-defining father-son relationship. Sober and vivid, confident and able to put things into their proper perspective, Josse De Pauw plays the role of the national football hero Raymond Goethals. However, we learn little about football and more about what is meaningful. Raymond captures that one moment that can set the direction of a whole life, in a form that is perfect as it is. The circular writing of Thomas Gunzig shows as much guts as craft, and director Manu Riche translates this into a powerful, strategic overall stage setting. Although De Pauw himself already proved to be in excellent form in Duister hart and Boot en berg, the jury regards Raymond as the absolute tour de force: selling a bilingual lesson in life as a stirring narrative. Simplicity is the weapon of the great masters.
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Mertens E. Sublieme acteerprestatie. Vlot, boeiend en meeslepend. Herkenbare tweetaligheid. Verdiende staande ovatie!
3 years ago
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