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If the value of theatre comes down to confronting the world with parallel realities, then A Louer is the ultimate in this respect. In a big waiting room with large sofas, long red curtains and black and white chequered floor tiles, tedium turns into a very active mental imagination: the Korean servant becomes two, one armchair swallows up its guests, people scramble around like rats... The cinematic evocativeness of these images is legion, but they derive their true power from very skilled live dancing and their inspiration from opera and acrobatics. At the same time A Louer remains very personal. What the jury especially appreciates is how Peeping Tom democratises dance theatre in quite dazzlingly: it takes over the stage as a free space for happy viewing of what is possible. Entertainment with a twist.
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Annemie Deconinck 'A louer' : experimenteel maar niet betoverend bizar.
3 years ago
radiospot Het Theaterfestival 2012
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