De Warme Winkel
Duinstraat 124, 2060 Antwerpen
Apparently there are many ways to stage the banking crisis, but nobody does it with quite so much vitalistic and self-critical spirit as De Warme Winkel. On an empty stage (all the subsidies have been spent) Vincent Rietveld and Mara van Vlijmen express their sympathy with top bankers, explain the essentials of the financial short circuit from a medieval village and attack the overall sense of crisis with raw poetry and a salutary 'I don't care' attitude. With a wonderful mastery of many acting styles, San Francisco demonstrates that a shrewd social analysis of megalomania and debt is not necessarily in conflict with an exceptionally pleasant audience-friendliness. The Theatre Festival jury praises De Warme Winkel for its skill in creating from nothing a performance that thinks beyond the crisis.
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