Silence Fini . De Werf

fantastiche leven van de heilige Christoffel zoals samengevat in twaalf taferelen en drie liederen

Silence Fini . De Werf
Music Studio
Simon Allemeersch, together with Barbara and Stefanie Claes, go back to the waning sense of community feeling in religious folklore. The legend of St. Christopher, the patron saint of travellers, who protects them from all sorts of things, constitutes the broad target against which the makers give their most burlesque fantasy free rein. The result is a series of visual acts that produce the surprise of the season. This trio's creative attitude - a refreshing combination of personal need and a focus on less obvious social themes - is not the only thing the Theatre Festival jury regards as a good example for the whole of figure-theatre. Equally compelling is the story that all this art brut poetry conveys: our sense of insecurity is simply a socio-psychological attitude. A concert performance that grates and yet turns out to be broadly accessible: it is possible.
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