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Inspired by the preaching of the ultra-conservative 'televangelist' Jimmy Swaggart, choreographer Lisbeth Gruwez evokes the physical persuasiveness of the truth. First with modest gestures that move the air, then with the increasing ecstasy of the whole body and finally as violence itself. Gruwez' imploring gestures, set to the soundscape by Maarten Van Cauwenberghe, show us that rhetoric is a question of rhythm, control and absolute precision. Seldom have image, movement and light reinforced one another so strongly. It makes It's going to get worse and worse an exquisite masterpiece that has successfully enticed the Theatre Festival jury into a near magical state. At the same time, Gruwez once again gives content and narrative to virtuosity.
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Danny Verbraecken De kaart is toegewezen.
3 years ago
Danny Verbraecken Ik heb 1 ticket in de aanbieding voor de voorstelling van donderdag 23 augustus. Prijs 18 euro. Rij 7 stoel 13. danny at codevzw.be of 0473/121200 als je daar zin in hebt.
3 years ago
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