Marijs Boulogne
Music Studio introduction Pauline Driesen Fri 28th Sep . 7.15pm . Red Bar
Everybody in the world has to sing for Kali. Firstly, because she wants to dance and secondly, because she created the world. She can't stand it that some people only pretend. Or that they sing songs they have already heard. So she carries a knife that will decapitate any cheat. Only the bravest play closest to the pile of flesh that was once her ear.

A bizarre story that is the starting point for a musical creation by Joris Vercammen, Laura Verlinden and Marijs Boulogne. These three young artists among other things use large quantities of fabric which they incorporate in a giant crochet work. 'The Grand Overture' is a performance with a crocheted sculpture in the leading role and with room for film, text, new music and sound art.

'Kali the bunraku figure' is an original work by Marijs Boulogne and the Romanian set designer Gavril Siriteanu. The latter creates figures and images for theatre as well as ornaments, statues and icons for monasteries and churches in Bukovina and Moldova.

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