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There can be no doubt that 'Life and Times' is an ambitious venture for the Nature Theater of Oklahoma. Following hours of telephone conversations with core member Kristin Worrall, this alternative New York company is staging Worrall's full autobiography in a whopping ten-theatre marathon. Previously we learned how this woman experienced her childhood and puberty. Now she is entering adolescence with its desire for freedom, the cry for independence and the temptation to experiment in all possible areas, as well as an interest in religion and the experience of first love. All this is good for four hours of viewing pleasure.

In part three - episodes three and four are incorporated into one performance - directors Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper were inspired by detectives in the Agatha Christie style. This time there are no disco influences or exuberant singing, but the appeal of the thriller and the dramatic conventions of the locked-room mystery. After all, don't many young adults experience a sense of suffocation and being trapped within the four walls of the family and family life?

With endless enthusiasm and a great sense of humour, Nature Theater of Oklahoma continues its in-depth investigation of the individual and his ordinariness. Through its striking familiarity, this moving portrait of an unremarkable life once again makes us look forward to the sequel.
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Elisabeth Haustraete Prachtig toneelwerk. Om al die banaliteiten en stopwoorden te debiteren en spannend te houden en nog te overstijgen: indrukwekkend. ook zeer humoristisch. Een ongelofelijke prestatie!
3 years ago
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