Re-mix Orchestra . Paul Griffiths
musical director Paul Griffiths
music performance Re-Mix Orchestra
trumpet Bert Joris
in collaboration with deSingel
Blue hall
Several years ago deFilharmonie very successfully launched their Re-Mix Orchestra initiative, an improvisation orchestra for youngsters from twelve to seventeen. Re-mix is intended to bring teenagers who active play music into contact with the orchestra and arouse their interest in and awareness of classical music. About twenty youngsters from a variety of musical backgrounds will in the course of several days build up their own composition, ultimately giving it its first performance on the concert platform.
Paul Griffiths, who has set up similar workshops for the London Symphony Orchestra and elsewhere, will lead this project too. Musicians from deFilharmonie will assist him and at the same time coach the youngsters and play alongside them. Re-Mix Orchestra no. 6: guaranteed to be an intriguing project.

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