Per Arne Glorvigen . Daniela Braun . Arnulf Ballhorn
'El Marne' voor bandoneon solo Edouardo Arolas
'L'Histoire du Tango' voor viool en bandoneon Astor Piazzolla
Escualo Astor Piazzolla
Drie Tango's Astor Piazzolla
'Los Mareados' voor viool, bandoneon en contrabas Juan Carlos Cobián
'Boedo' voor viool, bandoneon en contrabas Julio De Cario
Adagio in c uit de Sonate voor viool en klavier in f, BWV1017 Johann Sebastian Bach
Improvisatie op Adagio in c (arr. Glorvigen) Johann Sebastian Bach
Tundra Road Per Arne Glorvigen
Creatie Arnulf Ballhorn
music performance Per Arne Glorvigen Trio
bandoneon Per Arne Glorvigen
violin Daniela Braun
double bass Arnulf Ballhorn
Blue hall introduction Yves Knockaert . 7.15pm . Blue Bar
In the same way that the saxophone is the symbol of jazz, so the bandoneon is the instrument of the tango. It was invented around 1843 by the German music teacher Heinrich Band and by the end of the nineteenth century had reached Argentina, carried along with the wave of European migration. In Argentina, it was incorporated into the music of the tango, then in full flower. With its sonorous low and pregnant high tones, the bandoneon has proved to be the ideal instrument for the expressive and often highly dissonant music of the tango.
The Norwegian-French bandoneonist Per Arne Glorvigen is one of today's most virtuoso adepts. He studied with the Argentine master of the bandoneon, Juan José Mosalini, and in Buenos Aires came into contact with Astor Piazzolla, Nestor Marconi and Daniel Binelli. It is quite likely that Glorvigen will be familiar to you through his concerts and CD recordings with violinist Gidon Kremer in the music of Astor Piazzolla. In this concert, he and the other members of his trio play arrangements of tangos by Piazzolla, together with works by such precursors as Arolas and Cóbian, not forgetting some of his own numbers. A must for every tanguero!
After the concert, you will find a welcome in deSingel's Grand Café, a real tango salon for the evening, including a dance floor!

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introduction lecture Per Arne Glorvigen Trio
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