Shield of Harmony & Andreas Scholl
introduction Steven Marien . 7.15pm . Blue Bar
€32, €28, €24 (basis) / €28, €24, €20 (-25/65+) / €8 (-19 jaar) Red Hall deSingel Antwerp
In the international musical-theatre production reprised here, counter-tenor Andreas Scholl lives out his fascination for the mediaeval poet, composer and traveller, Oswald von Wolkenstein (1377-1455). Von Wolkenstein took service with kings and emperors, and travelled what was then the known world with his Lieder, from Scandinavia deep into Asia. He brought about a surge in the development of German Lieder by taking the first hesitant steps into polyphony in France and expanding them into jewels of harmony and counterpoint, thereby opening up an entirely new vista in music.
This is a fully staged production, and Andreas Scholl has made a selection from the broad repertoire of Oswald's partially autobiographical Lieder, interpreting the works in company with actor Reinout Bussenaker and Shield of Harmony. In 'Oswald', Andreas Scholl fulfills a youthful dream. Furthermore, he is heard not only in his familiar guise as counter-tenor, but also as baritone. To this voice he brings "a richness of timbre that no other counter-tenor can match", as the Volkskrant commented after the premiere in Rotterdam last year.
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