Follow The Sound 2010
Courtois-Defoort-Wierbos - 20 uur
cello Vincent Courtois
electronics Vincent Courtois
piano Kris Defoort
trombone Wolter Wierbos
Ernst Glerum 'ex Machina' - 21.30 uur
double bass Ernst Glerum
tape Ernst Glerum
image Annegien Haselager
Dörner-Schröder-Thomas-Steidle - 23 uur
trumpet Axel Dörner
electronics Axel Dörner
piano John Schröder
double bass Clayton Thomas
drums Oliver Bernd Steidle
percussion Oliver Bernd Steidle
chaospad Oliver Bernd Steidle
Theatre Studio
For the 2010 series, we are working more closely than ever with 'Follow The Sound'. For four full evenings, in the Theatre Studio in our brand new complex, adventurous music can be heard, from our country, Europe and the USA. We shall have major names and legends, including the rising star trumpeter Jacques Coursil and a selection of virtuosos that surround the monument that is Fred Van Hove, pianist, pioneer and co-founder of 'Follow The Sound'. Naturally, there'll be new discoveries too, and exciting newcomers like the amazing Matthew Bourne and pals, the Scandinavian cowboys from Huntsville and the young French lions who play with Jacques Coursil.
Their creations venture beyond borders and genres. They are marked by echoes from jazz, classical, rock and much more. As virtuosos, they cover the whole spectrum between simple and complex, between melodic invention and scorching noise, between recognition and surprise. Yet they always appeal to a strong personal musical language, driven by curiosity and the pleasure of improvisation, in the spirit of intense collaboration and the frequent use of delicious contradiction.
'Follow The Sound 2010' does not present concerts alone. A number of leading musicians, Matt Darriau, Ernst Glerum (laureate of the Boy Edgar/VPRO Prize 2009) and master percussionist Gerry Hemingway will play live to accompany film and video. The last-named also presents the world premiere of his film about music, in which he shares how he feels and experiences it. There will also be installations, record stands and DJ sets and we expect to see you in our new grand cafe, the lively festival meeting place.
As this text goes to print, we are deciding on the final programme details and the closing concert. The latest info on 'Follow the Sound' can be found on the festival website.
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