Trio Mahanthappa - Dresser - Hemingway
Blue hall introduction Hugo De Craen . 7.15pm . Bar De Kunsthaven
The trio headed by alto saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa improvises in a highly refined, carefree manner within compositional frameworks. This requires well-practiced musicians who have a fine, intuitive appreciation of one another. Bassist Mark Dresser is a highly versatile musician. He always hits the right note and can improvise like no other. He is extremely alert and seamlessly anticipates the moves of his fellow musicians. Drummer Gerry Hemingway keeps the music moving in extremely subtle manner with enviable technique. He is a seasoned drummer who teases the subtlest of sounds from his cymbals with the greatest of ease using various stick and hand techniques. Mahanthappa's playing is 'to the point' and technically phenomenal. In his hands, the alto sax knows no limits. His compositions are measured gems; original, adventurous and pure. Beautifully melodic and harmonic fragments alternate with explosions of energy. Technically, the trio is capable of anything, innovating on the basis of tradition. The music goes in all directions under the following leitmotiv: improvise, compose on the spot, take responsibility for your own notes.

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Inleiding Trio Mahanthappa-Dresser-Hemingway
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