Currende & Muziektheater Transparant
Lamentationes Jeremiae Prophetae Orlandus Lassus
Whispers Joachim Brackx
music performance Currende
musical director Erik Van Nevel
company Muziektheater Transparant
text Ramsey Nasr
in collaboration with Ars Musica
coproduction Concertgebouw Brugge
Blue hall introduction Steven Marien . 5.15pm . Bar De Kunsthaven
The 'Lamentations of Jeremiah', which bemoan the fall of Jerusalem after the raid of the Babylonians in 586 BC, have during the course of history inspired a great many composers to create very moving scores. The five-part arrangement by Orlandus Lassus (1532-1594) is undoubtedly the most well-known and perhaps the most beautiful. Lassus' polyphony conjures up the pain of desolation and fear, but at the same time whispers a message of hope. For composer and singer Joachim Brackx, the 'Lamentations' meant the beginning of a discovery of the world of renaissance polyphony. Commissioned by the Concertgebouw Bruges and Muziektheater Transparant, he wrote 'Whispers' especially for the Currende ensemble, for which he has sung for ten years. The intertwining of 'Whispers' with Lassus' 'Lamentations' creates a mirror image: in 'Lamentations', the Israelites recount the loss of their holy city; in 'Whispers' the Palestinians are also permitted to vent their voice. Currently Joachim Brackx is also writing a chamber opera based on Oscar van den Boogaard's piece for Muziektheater Transparant (first performance in June 2009, as part of a festival of contemporary musical theatre for Flemish composers that will be organized in collaboration with Flanders Opera).
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