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Red Hall introduction Mark Delaere . 7.15pm . Conference room
'The mind and the hands cannot understand each other if the heart does not act as a go-between.' This is the message that Fritz Lang wants to get over in 'Metropolis' (1927). Nice, isn't it? Well, it would be if some people - most notably Adolf Hitler - had not wrongly understood the message and come to a conclusion which Lang did not support. In the film, which takes place in the year 2000, the world is divided up into 'Thinkers' and 'Workers'. That image of a hierarchical society lent itself easily to Nazi propaganda. However, that was not what Lang had in view: when Hitler invited him to make films for the Third Reich, he immediately left for America. 'Metropolis' is above all the high point of German Expressionism. Inspired by his journey to New York, Lang's film images are dominated by tight vertical lines. The result is an impressive visual style. He breaks up shots of skyscrapers with horizontal elements from motorways that transport people many metres above the ground. Come and enjoy the original 'Star Trek', around which the French composer Martin Matalon wraps a live surround pool of sound with acoustic and electronic music.
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dirk bel nog steeds actueel na al die jaren ik werk in een veelkleurige kleuterschool en zou graag deze voorstelling bijwonen om ze proberen te 'verkleuteren' om de boodschap op een alternatieve manier aan de derdjaars over te brengen op en andere manier dan via de 'obligate' wijzen. alvast een overvolle zaal toegewenst
8 years ago
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