Brussels Jazz Orchestra
Hedendaagse Soundtrack Frank Vaganée
music performance Brussels Jazz Orchestra
film directing Ewald André Dupont
actress Anna May Wong
Red Hall introduction Frederik Goossens . 7.15pm . Foyer
A divinely beautiful Chinese Cinderella, London nightlife from the 1920s and decadent glamour; these are the main elements of 'Piccadilly' (1929). With this film, Ewald André Dupont made one of the greatest ever English silent films and it would also be one of the last. The film distinguishes itself from other British film productions by its visual spectacle. Through the subtle use of light, smoke and shadow, the Asian Anna May Wong became a cult actress. Her sex appeal seems to dominate the film. But the film does not just have an effect at that intoxicating level: be alert also for the issues of race and social taboos that are raised. 'Piccadilly' is the second multimedia project by the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. Frank Vaganée composed a whirlwind of a soundtrack. He makes use of the full BJO but also of smaller ensembles in the orchestra in order to obtain a greater variation of timbres.
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