Beysens . Vercruysse . Van Regenmortel . Limberger . van der Harst


Beysens . Vercruysse . Van Regenmortel . Limberger . van der Harst
Blue hall introduction Geert Van Istendael . 7.15pm . Foyer
In 2006 Patricia Beysens Will have been singing expressionist German chanson for twenty-five years. She will be celebrating the fact in this concert programme. In addition to her personal choice from the programmes of recent years she will also be singing several works never previously published. A typical feature of German chanson is its close collaboration between poets and composers in which the latter take the text as their guideline. We come across such names as Kurt Weill, Hanns Eisler, Friedrich Holländer, Bertolt Brecht, Erich Kästner, Kurt Tucholsky and other 'heroes' of the Berlin cabarets of the Thirties. Patricia Beysens has explored this genre in depth, as well as its later East German offshoots, which involved such composers as Henry Krtschil and Manfred Schmitz, and poets like Heinz Kahlau and Gisela Steineckert. In the former DDR this genre was also a way of packaging criticism in satires and ballads or of making poetry metaphorical. Patricia Beysens is fascinated above all by the topicality to be found in these songs.
For this anniversary programme at deSingel, the special guest is Dick van der Harst. His collaboration with Patricia Beysens dates from the recording of the CD 'Und endlich...'in 1994, for which, as on the CDs that were to follow, he did the arrangements and accompanied on bandoneon and guitar.

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