Anton Kuerti
Small hall
Sometimes called "The Alfred Brendel of Canada", Anton Kuerti is a legend on the other side of the pond. On this side, he is chiefly a big name among connoisseurs. Kuerti is keen on working with young musicians and has already trained several pianists in Canada and the United States. Here, we are giving a few Belgian musicians the opportunity to work with this great master, whose enormous knowledge and experience are employed to help students follow the thread of the composer's intentions.
It is often a question of tiny details of articulation and phrasing, details that can make a world of difference. A highly instructive and inspiring experience for the audience, too.

Audience admitted free of charge; reservation not required.

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Once a month 2 winners win two tickets to a concert or performance on our programme.

edwin Onvergetelijk was het "lecture recital" van Kuerti over de sonate nr 2 van Schumann. De ouderen onder ons zullen zich herinnering dat Anton Kuerti ooit laureaat van de Koningin Elisabethwedstrijd was, wat niet vermeld stond in het programmablad.
3 years ago

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