Salon de la pensée - I dance, therefore I think!
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For the first Salon de La Pensée, deSingel has invited Alva Noë (UC Berkeley) on the initiative of mamaza, this season's Artiste Associé. This internationally renowned philosopher is the author of 'Out of Our Heads: Why You Are Not Your Brain and Other Lessons from the Biology of Consciousness' (2009) and 'Action in Perception' (2004). At the Salon he will talk to us about consciousness, movement and perception. What effect does movement have on our perception? What can a philosopher learn from dance and movement? These are just a few of the questions we shall be talking to Alva Noë about. He is no stranger to the dance world, having worked with William Forsythe and others. And this salon is not intended only for philosophers and thinkers, but also for dancers and all who are intrigued by the body in motion and the effect it has on our perception and consciousness.

Moderator Petra Van Brabandt (Ghent University, St Luke's Antwerp)
Philosopher Alva Noë

11 am talk
12.30 pm lunch
1.30 > 3 pm interview and discussion with audience
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Robin Bongers Laat maar zitten, ik zie net dat dit een oude lezing is. Ik had vernomen dat Alva Noë deze week ook in Antwerpen zou zijn, vandaar.
1 year ago
Robin Bongers Ik zou graag twee kaartjes willen reserveren voor deze lezing, maar ik kan niet vinden waar ik dit moet doen. Kan iemand mij hier op wijzen? Bedankt!
1 year ago
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