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Why an evening devoted to Steve Reich? Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker is paying tribute to him on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. And thereby takes you back to her earliest roots. From the start of her career as a dancer and choreographer she was enthralled by his minimalist music. It was here that she found the mathematical precision she sought in her dance. Moreover, she saw the repetitive processes in his work as an invitation to experience dance as a ritual of liberation. In 1982 Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker completed her studies in New York and returned with material for the dance performance Fase. Four movements to the music of Steve Reich. This brought her immediate international fame. In 1998 in Just Before, she presented a choreography based on the first part of Reich's Drumming. A year later, this composition - now in its complete form - provided the title and material for a new piece of choreography. This percussion music started with a simple rhythm that gradually developed in phases with constantly changing variations. Parallel to this percussion Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker started out from a single phrase of movement which she developed over a period of an hour into a complex and invocatory whole. The tribute evening will comprise five musical works. Six musicians from the Ictus Ensemble will perform parts of it live. Thus making the dialogue between dance and music physically tangible.

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