Artiste Associé . Daniel Linehan
Theatre Studio
At the core of 'Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost' is a dialogue between the visible and the invisible. Three female dancers perform a choreography. And you get to look into their minds! Because you see in projected video images what the three of them see as they dance. How does the way they move influence our perception? How does modern technology change the awareness of our physical existence? Grab the chance to be one of the first to experience this curious event, as 'Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost' will actually premiere in our Theatre Studio.

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Babel / Daniel Linehan
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Press reviews
121013 Elke kiem is naïef
Velen dromen ervan, weinigen is het gegund: carte blanche krijgen. En jawel, de Amerikaanse danser en choreograaf Daniel Linehan is met zijn gat in de boter gevallen.
De Standaard 13 oktober 2012 - Sarah Vankersschaever

121019 Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost 19 oktober 2012

121020 De camera is een zombie
De Morgen 20 oktober 2012

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