Sebastian Matthias . Michael Wolters
Theatre Studio
In 'Danserye', the German choreographer Sebastian Matthias seeks a balanced dialogue between dance and music. He does so in close consultation with his compatriot, the composer Michael Wolters. Together they take an in-depth look at the dance treatises of Tielman Susato. Susato was a composer and music publisher in sixteenth-century Antwerp and in 1551 he published 'Danserye', a collection of dance music. Until the Renaissance, instrumental music was virtually always connected to dance. However, during the same period another view of the instrumental score was also developing, in an approach which in fact still applies today to the production of much Western dance and music: it is all about the artistic expression of emotions and 'representation'. Matthias and Wolters confront the close relationship between dance and music that was the trend until the Renaissance, with the electronic dance music of contemporary club culture. Past and present meet in pure dance and musical delight!
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