Sculpture garden in progress

In deSingel you will not only discover the work of composers, choreographers, architects and directors but also that of artists. A group exhibition of their work has been developing very slowly since 2001. The aim of this exhibition-in-progress is not only to counterbalance our fast-moving and restless programme but also, through specially selected works, to mirror the architecture and mission of deSingel.

open from Wed to Sunday . 2-6 pm . free admission
closed Mon/Tues/public holidays.


Curating the Campus

1. Jan Fabre (B) since 2001
De man die de wolken meet

bronze, sculpture on the tower

2. Richard Venlet (B) from 2003 till 2009

reflecting black container in the corridor, removed

3. Matt Mullican (USA) since 2004
The highway is the audience

World unframed / audience sign, two banners on the façade on the R1 ring road.

4. Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (F) since 2004
Tropicalisation (Garrett Eckbo, Rio)

pond, illuminated post and stone in the inner garden

5. Rémy Zaugg (CH) since 2005
Maar ik / de wereld / ik zie / jou

illuminated text on the façade of the inner garden

6. Pierre Bismuth (F) since 2006
From hot to something else

graffiti in various colours at locations both indoors and outdoors.
Hot, director's office / Spicy, cloakroom toilets / Piquant, cloakroom window / Sparkling, inner garden / Glimmering, large pond / Dazzling, north façade / Radiant, south façade

7. Joëlle Tuerlinckx (B) since 2006
Terrasse sur Terrasse

pattern milled into stone, with the 78 tiles from the outside terrace of the performers' bar on the existing tiles of the main outdoor terrace alongside the R1 motorway.

8. Itziar Okariz (E) since 2007
To pee in public or private spaces

performance, entrance hall

9. Walter Swennen (B) since 2008
The Face

wall painting, façade

10. Christophe Terlinden
Proposal for a New European Flag

flag and flagpole, garden

11. Cerith Wyn Evans (UK) 2010
Space here becomes time - Time here becomes space
, 2004, ap. II/II
Text in neon, in corridor between blue and red halls
131.5 x 10.3 cm (each)