Operastage voor jongeren - Muziektheater Transparant 2008
Red Hall
Each year Muziektheater Transparant holds a summer workshop for young talent. It is based on a concept that is both simple and successful: bring a group of young people together around a theatre stage with the task (impossible?) of creating a performance within a period of two weeks. The project has been widely applauded in Belgium and internationally and has resulted in a number of sparkling performances. In fact, 'Drift' was selected for the Theatre Festival in 2004.
In August 2008 we will once again join forces with Muziektheater Transparant and the Dutch Frysk Festival. Over a period of ten days of intense activity they will take on the challenge of creating a special opera with several musicians between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five. This year they will be working on the sophisticated music of the French baroque composer Jean-Philippe Rameau. The director Ruud Gielens and the choreographer Jo-An Lauwaert will involve the young talent in every aspect of the staging. Three baroque specialists, Jan Van Outryve, Thomas Baeté and Ayala Sicron will prepare them in the musical field.
You can enjoy the outcome of these ten days of intensive work at an evening performance or matinee, both of which will follow immediately after the summer workshop.
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"Hier lopen geen haantjes of diva's rond",
Gazet van Antwerpen 16/08/2008

Jongeren maken opera
Gazet van Antwerpen 16/08/2008 - Bart Roggeman

080816 Jongeren maken opera
Gazet van Antwerpen 16 augustus 2008 - Bart Roggeman

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