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artist Walter Swennen
production deSingel
gratis - gratuit - free entrance entrance hall deSingel Antwerp
In deSingel you will not only discover the work of composers, choreographers, architects and directors but also that of artists. A group exhibition of their work has been developing very slowly since 2001 and will continue to do so until 2010. The aim of this exhibition-in-progress is not only to counterbalance our fast-moving and restless programme but also, through specially selected works, to mirror the architecture and mission of deSingel.
In April 2008 a new work by the Antwerp éminence grise Walter Swennen will be added to this exhibition project. In the eighties Swennen was one of the leading iconoclasts of the period. His subtle intervention on the front façade of the building will help you to view the oval window in the façade in a completely new way.
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Ramblas / Walter Swennen
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Ramblas / Walter Swennen in CC Strombeek & Mecchelen
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