Petra Blaisse /  Inside Outside
architect Petra Blaisse
production deSingel
The Dutch architect Petra Blaisse (London, 1955) literally weaves architecture and landscape together. In her intuitive approach she tries to orchestrate and valorise architecture on the basis of movement. This is demonstrated by the evocative titles she gives her projects: 'Rifletutti', 'Silk Lawn', 'Liquid Gold'. She has acquired a unique position in the world of interior and landscape architecture by means of her experimental use of textiles and her analyses of outdoor spaces. Her striking approach to acoustics, climate-control, lighting and space has already given many a building a momentous appearance. In recent years she has cooperated mainly with OMA/Rem Koolhaas (Rotterdam), but also with SANAA/Kazuyo Sejima (Tokyo), Tim Ronalds (London) and the Belgian firms Macken & Macken (Aalst) and Xaveer de Geyter (Brussels). At deSingel Petra Blaisse will present one-off interventions in various places to reveal unexpected views of the building.

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