Curating the Campus - Matt Mullican
Garden deSingel deSingel Antwerp
'Curating the Campus' is a sculpture park in the making. Since 2001 we have offered a space to a leading artist whose work in one way or another enhances the mission or identity of deSingel.
In 2004 deSingel wanted to make use of its prominent location on the Antwerp ring-road to communicate something about its programme of architecture, dance, music and theatre. The American artist Matt Mullican (b. 1951, Santa Monica, California) was commissioned to design two large flags. Since the eighties he has been working on a highly ramified system of pictograms and colour codes which as a whole depicts a cosmological model or metaphysical construction of the world. 'The Highway is the Audience' consists of two monumental flags, each 10 sq. m. in area. The blue flag, 'World Unframed', shows a globe of the world that reflects the internationalism of deSingel and in Mullican's system stands for the ordinary and the subconscious. The red flag, 'Audience Sign', stands for subjective thinking. The flag shows three abstract human figures looking at a black area that can interpreted as a painting, a screen or a stage.

The Highway is the Audience, 2004
two banners on the facade facing the R1 ring-road
1000 x 1000 cm (each)
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