noumenon (Carl Desmet, Pierre de Gelder), Brussel
architectural firm noumenon
architect Carl Desmet , Pierre De Gelder
production deSingel
in collaboration with Vlaams Architectuurinstituut
35 m³
Get to know some promising and talented Belgian architects in the '35m³ young architects' exhibition series, which has now been running for a season. What we - deSingel and the Flanders Architecture Institute - give them is a 'blank space'. In a volume of 35 cubic metres they are entirely free to show what they have achieved, their approach, their motivation and their vision. '35m³' soon developed into a platform, a channel of communication, and a showcase for an up-and-coming generation of architects. Thanks in no small measure to the inventive exhibitions by Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen (Ghent), Van Belle & Medina (Antwerp), Dessauvage & Mohammadi (Bruges), Kristoffel Boghaert (Ghent) and Jo Taillieu (Ghent) who filled the first season.

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