Jonge makers denkers dromers . SHSH

Invisible needs of life - Yuriage town renaissance

Jonge makers denkers dromers . SHSH
architectural firm SHSH
coproduction Vlaams Architectuurinstituut , deSingel
with the support of Goedhart Repro
For two seasons deSingel and the VAi (Flemish Architecture Institute) are offering eight young architectural firms a platform on which to present their ideas on architecture, urban planning and landscape design. The architects have been commissioned to provide solutions to pressing social issues and intellectually challenging questions in the course of the design process.

Open Wed > Zon, 2 > 6 pm and with performances
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SHSH studies the challenges involved in reconstructing the environments for housing and everyday life after an ecological disaster. In this instance the firm is working on an alternative design for the village of Yuriage. The master-plan provides for the creation of natural buffer zones in the sea and on the boundary of land and sea. It also includes the entire reconstruction of the devastated village: safe housing blocks, public buildings and emergency towers which among other things incorporate garages and a 'safe roof' for evacuation.

SHSH will examine the design of these towers in greater depth. By combining older earthquake-proof building methods with the latest technology for energy and utilities, this new hybrid building is intended to offer a safe haven for 600 people for three days. But they are not only looking at the technical aspects. What does architecture have to offer at such moments of crisis? A safe, calm place in which to shelter, sleep, eat, be together and survive.

SHSH's designs are influenced by the 2011 tsunami in Japan. The firm supports participatory projects and provides design advice for the area affected. In this regard, the architects look for ways of bringing architecture and society more into line with one another.
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