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architectural firm MikeViktorViktor architecten
coproduction Vlaams Architectuurinstituut , deSingel
in collaboration with Magnificent Surroundings
with the support of Goedhart Repro
For two seasons deSingel and the VAi (Flemish Architecture Institute) are offering eight young architectural firms a platform on which to present their ideas on architecture, urban planning and landscape design. The architects have been commissioned to provide solutions to pressing social issues and intellectually challenging questions in the course of the design process.

Open Wed > Zon, 2 > 6 pm and with performances
Closed Mon, Tue and holidays

The research carried out by MikeViktorViktor architects concentrates on designing new sections of North Sea coastline for 2070. As a consequence of climate change, increasing demographic pressure, and energy and other crises, by 2070 a new coastal landscape will have taken shape. By 2070 the Belgian coast will be given a new parcelling structure and will be a compact residential city with generous collective public spaces. The landscape of dunes and water will be dominated by the rhythm of the sea, the seasons and erosion or, in a word, time.

This research topic is a detail assignment based on a number of major themes in the 'Future Commons 2070' research project by the Magnificent Surroundings collective.
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