Theatre Studio

This room was designed for the creation and rehearsal of theatre and dance productions. In practice the space is used as a workshop, a hall for theatre and dance, and also for musical theatre studio, as well as a public space. Designed as a black box, the Theatre Studio boasts full production facilities. Unhindered an environment that imposes any particular rules, the artist can work in the Theatre Studio in complete freedom with any media he requires.
The stage measures 16m x 15m, replicating the stage in the Red Hall. Productions created in the Theatre Studio can thus easily be moved to the Red Hall, which offers a seating capacity of almost 800 places.
The Theatre Studio is fitted with an area of floor that is hydraulically adjustable. This enables an orchestra pit to be created for musical-theatre productions.
The Theatre Studio has a balcony and retractable seating for 152 people and next to the control platform there are six places for the disabled.
It offers a seating capacity for a maximum audience of 260.
The seating can be retracted to accommodate a standing public of up to 600.

A large window lets in light, making it more agreeable to work here.