A flexible and multifunctional auditorium

The Small Hall is an outstanding multifunctional concert hall. Student concerts take place there, readings, intimate theatre performances, as well as, receptions. Students use the auditorium as a rehearsal space, as much as possible. Unique about a multifunctional space is its adaptability: the reverberation rate is variable; there is no fixed stage and general, or theatre lighting.


The basic reverberation rate is 1.6 seconds. It can be adapted to 1.1 seconds by opening small acoustic panels in the wall.

Technical equipment

The Small Hall is a single-level auditorium (8 x 22 metres) equipped with retractable seating (72 or 92 seats). Due to height limitations (between 3.8 and 4.7 metres), a permanent grid is installed for light installation and the suspension of a number of spots and backcloths. Sound amplification is not always necessary. A mobile sound system can be set up.