Music Studio

This is a single level hall with a seating capacity of 144 places, mainly intended for contemporary experimentation but also for other media. Consequently the Music Studio is fitted with all the necessary equipment: an acoustically adjustable wall, technical equipment with adjustable suspension points on the ceiling, removable floor panels covering cable ducts, etc.
The arrangement of the audience can also be experimented with, since the hall doesn't have a fixed orientation: thanks to its three separate entrance routes, the audience and artists can enter the room in different ways. Because the hall can be arranged at will, the tiers, stage and seating are all flexible. This also encourages a study of performance practice. The Music Studio's laboratory function generates alternative possibilities for concerts and presentations. As a small concert hall, the Music Studio is highly suitable for presenting work-in-progress and research projects. Furthermore the space can be used for more intimate sub-programmes of the more traditional range of music (jazz, contemporary music). As a second stage, the Studio allows parallel programmes to be run during intensive programme clusters.
The Music Studio's intimacy is the ideal environment for lecture recitals, master-classes and workshops as well as for colloquia and other similar activities.
The Music Studio has two large windows providing plenty of daylight. This not only increases the room's potential but also makes rehearsals considerably more agreeable.
Next to the Music Studio is the Blue Foyer, which leads to the corridor next to the Blue Hall.