The Royal Conservatoire and the Sabattini project are independent institutions for arts education. We collaborate closely with each of them.

Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

logo_Artesis_KCThe Royal Conservatoire is a place where far-reaching artistic crossovers are possible as a consequence of the combination of three performing arts courses - music, theatre, dance - and one teacher-training course on the same site and in close cooperation with deSingel international arts campus. This partnership makes for a unique exchange of talent, art and knowledge, which underpins and fuels a pronounced international profile.

Presentations, performances, public exams and so on provide the perfect opportunity to get to know our students and to see our tutors at work. Would you like to attend? Visit www.artesis.be/conservatorium, where you can find out more about competitions and Conservatoire winners, successful auditions, CD issues, and exceptional productions and creations by our students, tutors and graduates.
Koninklijk Conservatorium van de Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen • Desguinlei 25 • 2018 Antwerp • T +32 (0)3 244 18 00 • F +32 (0)3 238 90 17 • www.artesis.be/conservatorium

Sabbattini Employment Initiative

logo_SabbattinideSingel offers a workspace and facilities for two training courses that are part of the 'Sabbattini project', an employment initiative for the cultural sector named after Nicola Sabbattini (°1574, Italy), one of the founders of modern theatre mechanics. The 'assistant stage technician' course and the 'production assistant' course train fifteen people each year. These training courses are supported by the VDAB (Flemish Department of Employment), the city of Antwerp employment unit and the Social Fund for the Performing Arts. deSingel receives support from the Province of Antwerp to develop this initiative even further.

Sabbattini Employment Initiative • Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 155 • B - 2018 Antwerp • T +32 (0)3 244 19 31 • F +32 (0)3 244 19 59 • www.sabbattini.be