A unique and comfortable large concert hall

Blauwe zaalBecause of its furnishings and acoustics, the Blue Hall is an auditorium uniquely suited for not amplified - concerts. This is also the ideal location for congresses, academic gatherings, celebrations, etc...

The stage of the Blue Hall can accommodate an orchestra of up to 120 musicians and a choir of 100.

An audience of 940 can enjoy the concerts. The seats are extremely comfortable and set in continual rows, and have access to side doors.

The acoustics can be adapted to match the intimacy of a non-symphonic concert.

Excellent acoustics

The acoustics of the Blue Hall are excellent.
Sound reflectors are built into the ceiling above the stage. The reverberation rate is precisely calibrated (2.03 second in average).
Due to the optimal balance between the high, middle and low sounds, the acoustics in the Blue Hall are far beyond the conventional experience.
Depending on the acoustic demands, a curtain can be opened or closed at the rear wall.

Adaptable stage and adaptable auditorium

The stage can be adapted to smaller casts by the expert placement of acoustic, reflecting panels. The same holds true for the stage lighting.
In order to reduce the size to the auditorium, the Blue Hall commands over an acoustically neutral curtain, which can be lowed behind the required seats.

Technical facilities


The Blue Hall commands over a limited amount of sound installations, as it specifically is designed for non-amplified instruments.


There are four electrical rails mounted above the podium, from where lights can be suspended.


As this auditorium is designed to serve as a concert hall, there are none of the prerequisite contraptions for theatre. Thus, no projection screen is installed. A screen can, if necessary, be suspended from the rails.

Seating plan of the Blue Hall

Zetelplan BZ