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The security of the website

DeSingel makes use of the internet. We hear a great deal about internet applications that turn out not to be secure. The security principles deSingel applies demonstrate its meticulousness in this respect. If there are any persistent risks, they usually result from user behaviour. In order to exclude as many risks as possible you, the user, can take several very simple preventive measures.

Security principles:

You will find a short description of the security principles here.

  • To identify you as a user of this site's extranet we use a personal user ID and a password. The only people who may hold them are employees of deSingel. The password should be changed the first time a user logs on.
  • All communication between your computer and the deSingel extranet is secured by SSL. This system guarantees that you, the user, are communicating with a web server system owned by deSingel. This is because, in order to use SSL, deSingel must have the required server certificates. These certificates are granted by Verisign, which only does so after a thorough investigation of the applicant's identity and trustworthiness. The fact that SSL is used can be seen by the 's' in the first part of the internet address: 'https://...', where the 's' stands for 'secure'. When you visit this address, your browser shows a lock icon (usually at the bottom of the screen), which indicates that you are using a secure connection.

Additional security:

  • deSingel uses 'firewalls' which repels hackers who may try to make direct attacks on deSingel's web servers or main computers.

Preventive measures:

  • Store your passwords safely.
  • Never give your personal access codes to anyone else.
  • Never leave your computer unattended while you are logged on.
  • Do not open any e-mail - and certainly no attachments - from unknown senders.
  • Do not download any files from unknown sites.
  • Use an anti-virus program that checks your computer every time you start it up.
  • Do not copy software from a diskette without first checking it with an anti-virus program.
  • Do not install any beta versions of operating systems or browsers on your computer, especially if you use them for production applications.
  • If your computer uses a permanent internet connection, e.g. by cable or ADSL, it is essential to install a simple 'firewall'. After all, a permanent internet connection increases the computer's vulnerability to hackers.