From 'Explanatory statement regarding the Arts Act', December 2003.

"11º By large institutions, we mean a number of institutions which have been set up by the Flemish government (and other bodies) ... They are large-scale initiatives with a national and international significance. These institutions fulfil an important symbolic function in the entire cultural policy and thus have an important sensitising role with respect to the populace ... In the decree for the arts, the following organisations are recognized as large-scale institutions: deFilharmonie, deSingel, the Vlaams Radio Orkest en Koor, the Koninklijk Ballet van Vlaanderen (ballet department) and the Vlaamse Opera..."

The central role which deSingel occupies in respect to its cultural contributions is of crucial importance for the Flemish government. deSingel will be mainly subsidised by the Flemish Community , to ensure its functioning.
Besides this, deSingel also enjoys the support of the Province of Antwerp and the City of Antwerp.


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deSingel has been created through the initiative of the Flemish Community.
The Flemish Government convenes the General Assembly on a motion by the minister responsible for culture.
The Flemish Government appoints government commissioners for Culture, Finances and Education.